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Category: Kabola Hot Air Heating

  • Heating by hot air
  • Simple and space-saving installation options
  • Can be combined with radiators
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Kabola has developed a system in which it is not necessary to heat with radiators, but by means of hot air. In addition to the simple and space-saving installation possibilities, our system is unique because it can be combined with radiators. For each space, it is therefore possible to choose the most suitable solution.

Our system works in a unique way, that makes it work very efficient and takes up little space. Through the use of the air heater (s) is not necessary to reach from the boiler tot the outflow place with long and large air hoses. This offers an easy and fast installation, but also guarantees a long lifespan. The air heating system will be connected with water pipes to the Kabola boiler, so that it is also possible to combine the system with radiators. Furthermore, the system consists of the control panel, the heater (s) and the air outlet openings. Our hot air heating is ideal for continuous use. Extend your boating season with Kabola!

Download here the PDF of Installation of Modulating Hot Air Heating

Technical overview

Capacity (in kW)
Width built-in dimension (mm) *
Depth installation dimensions (mm) *
Height installation dimensions (mm)
Central Heating connection (mm)
Hook (mm)
Oil connection (internal thread)
Flue gas (diameter in mm)
Energy efficient circulation pump
Pump timer
Siemens room thermostat
Hot water on / off
Oil Filter Flocotop
Oil Filter Toc 80
Oil Filter
External air inlet
Fill and drain combination
Voltage (A.C.)
DHW 60º (p.m. in lt)
Weight (kg)
Yield %
Water content boiler (liters)
Fuel consumption, L/h/h
Flue gas temperature ºC
Nozzle mm/º
Startup Power 230V (W)
Operation Power 230V (W) (W)