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Category: Kabola zone-control with hot air, underfloor heating and radiators

  • Heating by means of heat ar, radiators and underfloor heating
  • Simple and space-saving installation options
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Technical overview

Capacity (in kW)
Width built-in dimension (mm) *
Depth installation dimensions (mm) *
Height installation dimensions (mm)
Central Heating connection (mm)
Hook (mm)
Oil connection (internal thread)
Flue gas (diameter in mm)
Energy efficient circulation pump
Pump timer
Siemens room thermostat
Hot water on / off
Oil Filter Flocotop
Oil Filter Toc 80
Oil Filter
External air inlet
Fill and drain combination
Voltage (A.C.)
DHW 60º (p.m. in lt)
Weight (kg)
Yield %
Water content boiler (liters)
Fuel consumption, L/h/h
Flue gas temperature ºC
Nozzle mm/º
Startup Power 230V (W)
Operation Power 230V (W) (W)