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Electric CH boilers V-Tronic

As main heating, but also applicable as co heating
in existing CH-, wheat pump- and solar panel installations

The new Kabola V-Tronic 7000 model is the most perfect electric boiler: a complete design with great technical solutions. The biggest advantage is the user interface, the way of monitoring and protection of both the boiler and the parameters of the complete heating system. In this model, only quality components of renowned manufacturers are installed.
Boiler control is performed via a processor unit and a large LCD display. The processor unit provides monitoring of all important characteristics of the boiler and the heating system itself ( video – description of CPU functions ). This ensures safe and long-lasting operation of the boiler. The LCD display allows clear and precise adjustment of vital parameters on the device. The setting is a maximum simplification via 4 soft touch keys. The operating time of each heater separately, as well as the entire device, can be monitored via the processor unit. The operating mode can be set to normal and anti-freeze mode. Precise design ensures very easy work for service technicians and installers. The device has 4 levels of protection and warning alarms if some parameters are in critical values ​​( video errors and CPU warnings ).

  • Possibility to choose priorities in work: heating or preparation of domestic hot water
  • Frost protection function of water in the system at low temperatures
  • Selection of modulation levels (reduction) of engaged boiler power during operation, which contributes to lower electricity consumption

The Kabola eCompact Plus series are block boilers of smaller dimensions than the V-Tronic, with an identical hydraulic part of the boiler, but for fewer users. It is intended for heating, it is not intended for the preparation of domestic hot water. The user module consists of two seven-segment displays with LEDs that indicate which parameter is displayed. The setting is also maximum with three soft-touch buttons below the display. Operation is controlled via a microprocessor unit. By clicking ( CPU functions ) you will see a short video description of the CPU functions of the electric water heater eCompact Plus, plus video ( CPU errors and warnings). This boiler has positioned itself in the premium boiler category with its functionality and quality. Reliability in operation and service features are, as with all Kabola models, at the highest level.

Power versions 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24kW
Network Voltage 3N ~400/230V 50Hz
Protection level IP40
Operating pressure 0,8-2,2 bar
Safety valve 3 bar
Maximum water temperature 80 °C
Water boiler volume 12,5 L
Expansion container volume 8 L
Dimensions 710x430x230mm (HxWxL)
In- and output water system connectors 3/4” (DN20)
Connection options:
230V AC 1 element, 3kW, 16A fuse
230V AC Perilex, 2 elements, 6kW, 2x 16A fuse
3N ~ 400/230V, 50 Hz, 9kW, 3x 25A fuse
3N ~ 400/230V, 50 Hz, 12kW, 3x 25A fuse
3N ~ 400/230V, 50 Hz, 18kW, 3x 32A fuse
3N ~ 400/230V, 50 Hz, 24,3kW, 3x 40A fuse
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