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We are market leader in diesel fired boilers for continuous use, because of innovative designs and techniques. Kabola won several international prices with our most environmental friendly and worlds smallest diesel fired central heaters.
We are also representing:
– Dometic your partner aboard and while traveling
– Whisper Power stand-alone power systems

Also inform about our latest development, the KB Ecoline Hybrid

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  • Kabola dealer cooperation Amsterdam

    Recently has Kabola as main dealer in Amsterdam started a cooperation with Bierenbroodspot Techniek for both Kabola heaters and boilers for shipping, yachts, campers, (horse)trailers as well as EZ Heating heaters and boilers for private applications
    Dometic your partner aboard, in camper and caravan
    Whisper Power stand-alone power systems

    Contact: +31 (0)858-770359 or mail info@bierenbroodspot.nl
    Or contact: +31 347 320030 or mail info@ez-heating.com

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  • Kabola Radiators brochure 2021 online

    Many new models and designs

    Kabola presents the latest 2021 radiators catalog.

    Download PDF

    Easy installation, Connected by router, also for your sailing yacht

    • Based on NMEA2000 system
    • Available on 12Volts and 24Volts
    • Combined system:
      – Radiators
      – Floorheating
      – Hot Air System (water filled)
    • Can be connected with (4G) router
    • Control rooms with tablet or smartphone
    •  Also for Automotive
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  • Kabola Company Brochure

    edition 2021

    NEW! Discover Kabola
    – Compact 7 Series
    – HR Series
    – Ecoline Series
    – Ecoline Hybrid Series
    – B Series
    – Hot Air Heating
    – Zone Control

    Download our latest company brochure
  • Discover our hot-air heating

    Extend your boating season? We make it comfortable on board!

    • Powerful and silent
    • Up to 94% efficiency
    • Lower power consumption
    • No soot emissions
    • Lower fuel consumption
    • Sustainable investment
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  • Always a warm welcome; on board and on a trip

    Extend your sailing-, trip- or holiday season

    • Powerful and whisper quiet
    • Up to 94% efficiency
    • Lower energy use
    • No soot
    • Less fuel consumption
    • Sustainable investment
    More info...

    KB-ECOLINE Hybrid with airconditioning connection

    • One control for heating and cooling
    • Energy efficient: the Kabola delivers the heat
    • Suitable for continuous use
    • Save on installation costs by one pipe system
    • Hot water supply as a combi or calorifier control
    • Up to 30% fuel saving on hybrid mode
    • 30% energy saving on diesel function compared to other burners
    • Boiler capacity 8-38kW
    • Power Electric 3kW
    • 100% soot free
    KB Ecoline Hybrid Airco

    Simple installation and connection with router. Also for Automotive

    • Based on the NMEA2000 system
    • Available in 12 Volt and 24 Volt
    • Can operate combined system:
      – Radiators
      – Underfloor heating
      – Hot air system (water filled)
    • Can be linked to a (4G) router
    • Set the rooms via tablet or smartphone
    • Also for Automotive
    More info
  • DOMETIC your partner aboard, in camper and caravan

    Dometic is our partner for compact aircos, cool- and freeze boxes for your boat, camper and caravan.

    Download here the PDF of Kabola-Dometic.

  • Dometic and Whisper Power dealer in Amsterdam

    EZ Heating Amsterdam is dealer of:
    Dometic your partner aboard, in camper and caravan
    Whisper Power stand-alone power systems

    For more info; please contact:
    info@ez-heating.com or call +31 347 320030

  • KABOLA launches the EZ-Heating line

    The EasyLine Compact 7, HR 300 and HR 400 with 7, 10 and 14 kW capacity, are available for Central Heating, Hot Water and Combi. We offer an interesting diesel-fired heating solution for private motorjachts, sail boats, campers, horse trailers, chalets and even (holiday)homes. Can be combined with radiators, hot-air and floor heating and airco systems.
    For more info, please contact our Kabola dealers or take a look on ez-heating.com


    NEW! KB Ecoline Hybrid

    • The first and only full automatic hybrid boiler in the world
    • Keeping the system frost free (electric)
    • Functions: only electric, only diesel & Hybrid (electric & diesel)
    • Ecoline, so 100% soot free
    • Dieselsaving up to 30% comparest with de KB standard
    • Various capacities available 8 – 80 KW

    Curious? Contact a dealer in your country or contact us directly for more info.

    KB Ecoline Hybrid

    Please inquire for fast turnaround

    • Customization is possible within 3 weeks ex factory
    • Available in different RAL- Colors
    • Included lockshield and thermostatic
    • Curved or straight
    • Electric radiator
    • Combined heating
    • Bathroom suitable
    More info

    KB Ecoline Electric Element; choose manually how you want to heat up. Only on diesel, or diesel ànd electric power. Always 100% soot-free
    Inform via info@kabola.nl for our possibilities and specs.

    More info

    Our latest addition to the Kabola range: KB-100

    Our latest addition to the Kabola range is already a few months on the market and offers a capacity of 100 KW.
    Available as Boiler, Heater and as a Combi

    More info

    De meest milieuvriendelijke CV-en warmwater ketel in de wereld!

    • Up to 30% less energy consumption
    • Up to 15% fuel savings
    • Efficiency 94%
    • 100% carbon free
    • Environmentally friendly
    • TÜV Certification

    100% carbon free

    Check this combi-boiler
  • DE COMPACT 7 series

    The smallest diesel fired central heating boiler in the world!

    • Powerful and quiet
    • Super efficient
    • Light weight
    • Space saving
    • 60ºC Tapwater 3L/p.min
    • Fully automatic
    Check combi boiler
  • GSM Thermostat

    Sending short text messages by GSM

    • 9 Weekprogramms
    • Programming per day or mo-fr, sa-su or mo-su
    • Connection option for external sensor
    • Selection heating-cooling mode
    • Fast changing in required temperature
    • Manual mode (MANU)
    • Correction actual temperature
    • Frost protection (3 °C)
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The possibilities are endless. From ships, horses trailers to chalets. Enter your preferences and we'll give you an indication of what's best for you. Consult our advisors for specific advice.

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